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You might be thinking, why would anyone want to waste time writing blogs? There are so many other tasks to do when running a business.

There are some very compelling reasons why it might be in your best interest to add blogs to your business website. Here are my top 5.

1. To get visitors to your website

Websites with blogs receive more traffic than websites without, but how do blogs create this additional traffic? Blogs provide the opportunity to write in more depth about products and services which may be of benefit to your visitors. As an example, in our blog we provide tips to help clients increase their visibility online.

This fresh content will be indexed by search engines and someone looking for some tips about blogs for business may find our article and decide to read it. Additional visitors, means additional opportunity for sales or simply brand awareness.

2. Traffic to your website may create new customers

Each new visitor is an opportunity to create a new lead. Your blog can use a “Call to action” which might resonate with the reader and before you know it you’ve got a new client! Perhaps they’re not ready to become a client, but if you have a “Lead Magnet”, linked to a database, you can offer this visitor something useful in exchange for their email address. This provides the opportunity to market more of your products and services to them in the future.

3. Be viewed as an expert

Well written blogs provide information about industry trends, answers to questions, hints and tips. If you are providing valuable, useful information with relevant topics users will be more likely to want to do business with you. You will be seen as an authority or expert in a particular field and customers will reach out to you when they need your services.

4. Increase your presence on online

The content you share in your blog is perfect to share on social media and serves a dual purpose. Write the content and add it to your website, then share the post on your social media to get more visitors to your website. If your content is engaging, others may share it on social media extending your reach even further.

You can also share your content via newsletters to your clients. A monthly newsletter with a blog post snippet and link to your website to read more, ensures that every month you have a good reason to connect with your clients via email and provide them with some helpful information.

5. Long term benefits from your blog

You will find that your blog posts receive visitors initially thanks to your social shares but the benefit of each article lives on long after the social media post is no longer visible to your followers. The blog item that you have written remains available for visitors on your website and is available to anyone who searches for it. A website with blog content continues to receive visitors to that blog item for as long as it is published on your website, which can be years. This provides a substantial return for a couple of hours of your time creating and sharing your blog items.

For many businesses having a blog just makes sense. With minimal effort and for a small expense, you can increase your search rankings, build your credibility and increase visitors to your website.

If you don’t have time to write a blog yourself, we can help. We currently have a special offer to new and existing clients as follows:

  • We will write a blog item for your website of minimum 400 words
  • We will purchase a suitable image for your article
  • Add the blog post to your website
  • Add the image to your blog post
  • Share the blog article to your Facebook account
  • All for the low cost of $250 per month

If you’re ready to enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above, send an email to support@wildwebprintsign.au and we’ll get you started with an engaging blog for your business.

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