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Are you looking for an SEO Consultant in Redlands or Brisbane? Whether you have a brand new website or a website that has been online for quite sometime, you may not know how well that website is performing. Is your website displaying in Google Organic Search? Are you getting the amount of visitor traffic that you should? Are your competitors getting lots of free leads from searches on Google? Why aren’t you?

This is where the science and art of Search Engine Optimisation in Brisbane comes in. It consists of two separate fields:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content SEO

What is Technical SEO?

Technical Search Engine Optimisation optimises all of the elements on your website apart from the content. It is laying a strong foundation of development upon which to build your content, providing the best chance to rank well.

Technical SEO has changed over time as search engines have become more sophisticated. Some of the most important aspects of Technical SEO are as follows:

Search Engine Optimisation Speed Up Icon


A website which loads quickly is an important ranking factor. Why is it important? Google cares about it’s users and it wants a good experience for the user when it sends you from the search results to a site. If the site takes too long to load that is not a good experience for the user.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive SEO Builds

Mobile Friendly or Responsive Build

A website which is built using responsive design (as all of our websites are) ensures that Google will send visitors from mobile phones and tablets to visit the site. A site which is not mobile friendly may not show up in mobile search results.

Strong Site Architechture SEO Icon

A Strong Site Architecture

Ensuring your site has clear navigation and pathways to access the pages, together with a simple sitemap is important. Grouping your content into categories which make sense also helps Google to understand your site.

Customised SEO 404 Page

Custom 404 page

404 pages are “not found” pages on your website. They can happen when someone links to the wrong address or if a page was deleted. Having a custom page created makes for a better user experience.

HTTPS Enabled Search Engine Optimisation


HTTPS protects the integrity of your website using encryption to ensure that intruders cannot tamper with the communication between your website and it’s users. It’s good for search because all other things being equal the site with https will outrank a site without. The Chrome browser is also displaying “not secure” for sites which ask users for information.

SEO Duplicate Content Elimination

Eliminate Duplicate Content with Canonicals & Redirects

Canonicals tell Google that you realise that the pages contain the same content and you are providing Google with the best version to use.

Correct SEO Content Formatting

Correctly Formatted Content

Using alt tags, to describe images, using filenames which represent the content and using URL’s which match the content of the page. Using different H1 headings on all pages, using H2 tags for subheadings and more.

Search Engine Optimisation Meta Content Development

Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and SEO software

Creating Meta Titles and descriptions which not only include your targetted keywords but also meet Google’s guidelines. Setting up SEO specific software on a website and configuring it for best performance.

What is Content Search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Content SEO is all about the words on the page and the links to those words.

Keyword research in content SEO is where the art of SEO comes into play. Although we are always looking to find the most relevant keywords (search terms) to target, there is an art to discovering the best keywords and search targets for a particular business. Taking into account competition and historical data, our job is to find the hidden gems in search terms. We also research your competition and use this information to strengthen your SEO strategy.

When completing Content SEO the content on a website may be completely rewritten or merely enhanced depending upon the requirements of the client. Targeting the most relevant search terms during the planning phase of a website can save a lot of time and expense. If you’re having content written for your website, it makes sense to have it written for SEO. Your website traffic will be impacted greatly by the quality of the content on your site.

Creating inbound links to your content is similar to creating sign posts on the road. The better the signage, the more likely that the user will find what they are looking for. Search engines use these links (signposts) in the algorithm to help determine the relevance of the content. Using quality link building strategies will improve search results over the short term and the long term.

SEO Techniques

SEO techniques are often referred to as “black hat” or “white hat”. If you ever watched old western movies, you might remember that the good guys wore a white hat and the bad guys wore a black hat. This is the easiest way to remember the difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO work is developed around the notation that Google can be tricked into giving a site better ranking than it may otherwise deserve. Black hat techniques are aimed at the search engines entirely and do not provide any benefit to users.

White hat SEO on the other hand is developed from the point of view of better user experience and working within the guidelines set out by Google for best practice. White hat SEO’s often refer to themselves as ethical SEO and we can confirm that we are 100% committed to white hat SEO techniques at Wild Web Print & Sign.

The goal of all SEO campaigns are to improve the online presence of your website. One of the best ways to improve your sites online presence is using high quality content which is unique.

What makes us REDLANDS & Brisbane SEO experts?

Our work in web development for more than 15 years doesn’t make us SEO consultants or SEO experts but it shows that we are here for the long haul and our clients keep coming back for more work.

Our expertise in SEO has developed in the last 6 years since watching our web development clients being taken advantage of by some unscrupulous operators. SEO agencies promising rankings which the client had already achieved with our excellent web development work. It’s easy to promise something that is already achieved.

Our knowledge of the technical aspects of websites and SEO combined with our ability to research and write excellent content has allowed us to stand out from the pack and make real and genuine differences for Redland and Brisbane businesses.

We offer two levels of SEO packages for excellent search engine results as standard but we are more than happy to custom design a package to suit your business and your unique needs.

How do you choose an seo consultant for your redlands or brisbane business?

Users trust the results from Google Search Engine. Your ranking performance on Google may have the greatest impact upon your business performance without you even realising.

We don’t believe that something as important as your visibility in search should be left to chance with an overseas company or a junior assistant at a large agency.

As professional SEO consultants, we will review the top performing competitors in your industry and generate a gap analysis. From this analysis we will create a plan of attack for your SEO campaign. Call us on 07 3390 1562 to discuss your needs and an affordable SEO package for your growing business.


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