Giving Back

We work with a number of charity organisations providing reduced cost services.

Every year we choose one charity client to receive a completed website valued at $3000 for no cost with no agreement in place for any kind of re-imbursement or promotion. We believe this is truly giving back to the community!

If you would like to have your charity considered in our next round of selection, connect with us via social media and keep an eye out for our posts.

Sites For Sight – 2020

All it takes is $33 and a 12 minute operation to restore sight for someone with cataracts.

This year from the beginning of August until the end of the year, we will donate the gift of sight for every new website confirmed.

Our goal is 20 gifts of sight for the year!

We are donating sight for every new site
Root to Grow

Root To Grow – 2019

For many children there is no way they can relate the food they see in bottles, packets and jars, with soil, sunshine, ripeness and satisfying activity.

Root-to-Grow have established food gardens at 18 schools in disadvantage communities of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa and even more proud to say they are feeding approximately 2500 children!


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